Armaverse Armatures for Stop-Motion Animation and More...

Phase Three
The Armaverse Armature system based on a six-inch human scale.
Phase Four
The Armaverse Armature system based on a nine-inch human scale.
Phase Five
The Armaverse Armature system based on a twelve-inch human scale.
Armaverse adaptor dumbbells allow each Phase to be completely interchangeable with all other Phases.
  100% polished stainless steel construction for ultimate quality, life-long durability and silky-smooth movement
Individual joint tension; one side loose, one side tight.
The choice is yours!

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Armaverse has gone to the DOGS!

Learn all about the featured Phase 3 Dog kits!

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Phase 2 Individual Piece Blowout
These won't last long!  
Unbeatable single piece prices.
All Phase 2 Kits are sold out.  Why?  Click here.

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